DOWNLOAD: Jermaine EP – Sonny Bonoho

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The Jermaine EP is the latest from Sonny Bonoho (released via Four tracks (plus one skit) of goodness from The Town’s reigning clown prince. Unyielding positivity and a healthy sense of self-deprecating humor have always been Sonny’s strong points. Just check the over-the-top video for “Grand Daaam!” (feat. Bizarre of D12) for a dose.


NEW MUSIC: “Super Cool” – Sonny Bonoho (feat. Playboy Tre & Rudi Deville)

Hurricane Irene came and went with nary a disruption in this blogger’s life. Well, if you don’t count being unable to leave the house for about 24 hours a disruption. In any case, New Yorkers persevered as usual.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming: new music from Sonny Bonoho featuring Playboy Tre and Rudi Deville. “Super Cool” (produced by Trox) is the most recent drop from Sonny’s next album, the Jermaine EP.

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