VIDEO: “Never Cool Off” – Avatar Darko (dir. by Jon Jon)

New shit from Avatar Dark (formerly Young Blaze). The video for “Never Cool Off” was directed by Jon Augustavo and features cameos from a host of SEA rap royalty. Off Av’s latest, Soviet Goonion. How clever. Get gooned here.

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VIDEO: “Sir Lancelot” – Thaddeus David (feat. Nacho Picasso & Avatar Darko; dir. by Jon Jon)

This is by far the gloomiest we’ve ever seen Thaddeus David. Not surprising though considering the company he’s keeping. Medieval misfit Nacho Picasso and trap monster Avatar Darko (formerly “Young Blaze”) with the cameos. Jon Jon’s expert lens work sets the mood. TH’s latest, Trapital Trill, available below.

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NEW MUSIC: Pisces Preview – The Flavr Blue

Photo via artist’s website.

If you’re a frequent and obsessive Twitter user who is also a frequent and obsessive follower of all things Seattle hip-hop, you may have noticed a mysterious Twitter handle mentioned for the last month or so by members of the local rap community. @TheFlavrBlue is the moniker and — up until a few hours ago — when the accompanying URL was clicked, it directed you to a simple picture of three familiar SEA artists vamping stylishly on a dock somewhere in front of Lake Washington.

Nothing more was revealed, however. No music or other information to speak of other than the pictured identities of the principles at play: Lace Cadence, Hollis Wong-Wear and Parker Joe. Nary a tweet from the cryptic account was present, either.

Finally, all curiosity is quelled, as today the trio have released a musical preview of Pisces, the debut album from The Flavr Blue. Due July 31, the ten-track album is a departure from what you’ve come to expect from its participants. It’s an expertly produced and self-assured collection of electro-pop and dance tracks that range from undeniably body-moving to zoned-out meditative. There’s no hip-hop here to speak of, but all three members of the group have found natural lanes for themselves within a different genre that still takes a few cues from more familiar territory. Lace and Hollis meld easily with lush vocals that are emotive but unforced, and Parker expands his musical repertoire with electronic panache that compares favorably with more well known producers in the field.

Stay tuned next week for a video for “F x F,” visualized by local director extraordinaire Jon Augustavo.


VIDEO: “UK Grime” – Avatar Young Blaze (dir. by Jon Augustavo)

I called the “Oh Sh-t” moment way before it happened, but no matter. Still a dope look for my favorite Avatar Young Blaze track thus far. Directed by Jon Augustavo who’s basically provided 95% of this blog’s video content for the last year or so.


VIDEO: “Seijun Suzuki” – Blue Scholars (dir. by Jon Augustavo)

When Cinemetropolis dropped last year I spent more than a few good minutes of my time trying to figure out the context of Geo’s second verse in “Seijun Suzuki.” That was because there didn’t seem to be any. Ah, but there’s the rub, fam: There is always context for the man’s lyrics. I eventually got the chance to ask him about it and for that see, here. In the meantime, just enjoy the entertaining video for the track, directed by SEA rap video extraordinaire Jon Augustavo.


VIDEO: “Go Farther” – J. Pinder (dir. by Jon Augustavo)

SEA. ATL. NYC. Rainier Valley representative J. Pinder jet sets across the country and it’s all captured beautifully on film by Town videographer Jon Augustavo. Justin P. looks like a star, sounds like a star, moves like a star. It’s crazy these days how close stardom might seem given the internet’s means (of portraying you like one). Caught this extended clip on some other blogs yesterday, one of which tells me the MC has found his label home on Ballard’s Fin Records. J. Pinder’s musical fire has been a slow burn, which means it will be all the more rewarding for him when sh-t ignites for real.