AUDIO: “Rare Breed” – Ju-Ju Twist (prod. by Rob Skeetz)

Ju-Ju Twist - Rare Breed

Scattershot but focused, Ju-Ju Twist preps for the release of his Braveheart 2 mixtape with this first drop, “Rare Breed” produced by Rob Skeetz.

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VIDEO: “Rockstar x Chief’n” – Diffy Boi & Twizzy Boi

From their We Strizzy Boi LP, Young Diffy and Ju-Ju Twist behave like you’d expect very young people to behave. I suppose there’s a time and place for this track but that time for me is not at this moment. Do you, though, fellas.


VIDEO: “Sad Face” – Young Diffy & Ju-Ju Twist (prod. by Rob Skeetz)

Young Diffy and Ju-Ju Twist are two new voices in Seattle rap. Their We Strizzy Boi (which is produced by Moor Gang’s Rob Skeetz) has a September 13 release date. That purple and green haze you see lingering just above the treeline is the trap-inspired nebula come for your soul.