DOWNLOAD: The Revelation EP – J. Bre

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The Revelation EP is J. Bre’s follow-up to 2010’s Street Signs. J’s straight-forward no-nonsense approach to rhyming was the best part of Signs, but also the MC’s greatest handicap when it came to finding relevance inside a genre populated by novelty lyricists and throwaway punchline flows. On Revelation the rapper finds comfortable middle ground, diversifying his cadence but not losing the authentic steez that separates him from the fakes. Notable guest appearances here include Carl Roe, Grynch, Luck-One, and Justis. Available for the price of three clicks above and below.

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DOWNLOAD: The Sandlot: Collective LP – Farid Xan & DJ Phinisey

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This LP popped up in the Inbox a couple days ago and turned out to be a pleasant surprise. MC Farid Xan, a 253 representative by way of the Bay Area collaborated with South Sound producer/singer DJ Phinisey to produce The Sandlot: Collective LP, a 12-track album inspired loosely by the movie of the same name (which, for any kid who spent the greater part of his or her adolescence attempting to hit small spherical objects with sticks, continues to resonate into adulthood). It features Tacoma and Bay Area MC’s of the likes named above. The highlight is the come-up joint, “Dirt to Diamonds,” which features a star-making turn by Justis of Quarter After. Get the album for FREE below and above.