AUDIO: Grand Theft OTOW – KA.lil

Kalil - Grand Theft OTOW

OTOW Gang’s fearless leader KA.lil fronts this mixtape collection of tracks recorded over the course of the last three years. Fellow Operation Take Over the World crew members Massiah, Uce Wayne and Mic Flont reveal their West Coast rap affinities over a range of beats produced both in-house and jacked from classic source material. For our money the win goes to Massiah for his head-ringing “Crazy Asian Rapper Pt. 3” which does well in subverting the “all Asians are well-behaved” stereotype bolstered by racist-ass white people everywhere. Do you, bruh.

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NEW MUSIC: “Hayek Bellucci” – Massiah & Ka.lil (prod. by Uce Wayne)

Massiah & Ka.lil - Hayek x Bellucci

We’re four days late on the uptake here, but OTOW Gang’s Massiah and Ka.lil dropped this ode to moms (including Salma Hayek and Monica Bellucci) last Sunday, and we thought it deserved a late mention. This is the first single from the duo’s upcoming Kush & Yo Mama Jokes, undoubtedly a deadly combination. Uce Wayne behind the boards.

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NEW MUSIC: “To Boddah” – OTOW Gang

Kurt Cobain

Operation Take Over the World (OTOW) is: Massiah, Ka.lil, Uce Wayne, and Mic Flont. The first member of this 206 hip hop crew wrote this impassioned ballad to the late Kurt Cobain. Click here to read more about the particular inspiration that Massiah gleaned from the Seattle rock legend.


VIDEO: “Just Another Day” – Mic Flont, Gabriel Teodros, Ka.lil, & Jill Laxamana

The venerable Seattle quartet of Mic Flont, GT, Khingz (oops, I mean Ka.lil), and Jill Laxamana recreate the Dana Owens classic as an homage to Beacon Hill. Eric Miller and Mic Flont behind the lens, and Uce Wayne behind the boards.


NEW MUSIC: Between Saturday Night & Sunday Morning – Ka.lil

Between Saturday Night & Sunday Morning - Ka.lil

So this came out today and although we (Royal, The) haven’t had a chance to hear it yet, 206UP.COM is super-gassed over the drop because it’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Ka.lil, one of the most important musical components of this here still-budding experiment in Town bloggery.

As Khingz on his 2009 From Slaveships to Spaceships, the do-or-die South End representative bridged gaps between hardcore street hood and sensitive sci-fi nerd, thereby blasting sets of preconceived notions to smithereens. FStS fit somewhere between DPG’s Dogg Food and Junot Diaz’s The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, a spectrum that, when examined more critically and with a fully open heart, is not nearly as broad as we’re led to believe.

Anyway, Ka.lil is the shit, and I’m guessing his new album is, too. Go here or listen below if you need to ask somebody.