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Dave B is a new kid on the scene. Linking with established producers KD Cutz, Tryfe and Kuddie Fresh, his full-length (and un-Googleable-y titled) album MCMXCII (that’s 1992 for those of you not up on your Roman numeral game) dropped today. Click through the images above for the download.

Below check out his most recent video for “Honor Roll” (directed by Avi Loud) and catch Dave opening for Brothers From Another at the Crocodile on July 29.

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DOWNLOAD: “Suite Sixteen” (2009 Red Bull Big Tune Finalists)

I wouldn’t personally know, because I’ve never messed with producing beats as a profession, but I can imagine being a young dude with aspirations of becoming the next DJ Premier, Just Blaze, or Jake One requires many late hours in the lab and a whole lot of hustle.

The 2009 edition of the Red Bull Big Tune featured sixteen finalists with such virtues, including two local cats, KD Cutz and Marcus D, who fully represented The Town at the Finals in Atlanta.

For the first time ever, all sixteen finalists have come together to drop a compilation album, Suite Sixteen, featuring one track from each competitor. This is a great look for these new jacks and a shining example of how much talent remains relatively undiscovered. Cop it for FREE here, or click on the album cover below.