VIDEO: “My Weed” – Cam The Mac (dir. by Harry Clean of Detooz Films)

Cam crumbles ‘erb on copies of magazines with Junior Griffey’s face on ’em. I have every one of those mags stored somewhere under plastic. Just like dude’s Kush. Me and Cam: connected like Bacon.


Damn, I’m Old Enough to be Your…

Yes, hip-hop is a young man’s game. I’m 32 and there are certain t-shirts in my closet bearing logos that I can’t wear anymore. Similarly, there may be some music that I feel awkward listening to in my slightly-advanced age. (But I will not be telling you what it is.)

Roots. Seeds. Stems. (Brothers From Another)

Brothers From Another may or may not be one of those groups. These two Echo Boomers (Breez and Goonstar) are hella young, in life and the rap game, so next time you see ’em at a show, make sure to get their autographs now before they blow. (Like when Ken Griffey was playing minor league ball in Bellingham. Not that I’m comparing their potential to Junior Griff, I’m just sayin’…)

Download their free EP, Roots. Seeds. Stems. here. (And don’t tell their moms what the title of the album references — shhh, it’s marijuana cigarettes…)