VIDEO: “The Deep End” – Kevin Lavitt (feat. Thig Nat; dir. by Noah Porter)

Dig the new video for Kevin Lavitt’s “The Deep End” featuring brooding vocals by Thig Nat of the Physics. At first I was like, Why the girl gotta be pink and the boy gotta be blue?, but by the end I was all, Oh they both colors now — that shit cool. #RejectPatriarchy, you know? From Kevin’s recent Planets EP.

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AUDIO: Planets – Kevin Lavitt

Planets - Kevin Lavitt front

Planets - Kevin Lavitt back

Kevin Lavitt is a producer, musician and singer who’s done the bulk of his work in Seattle with Raz Simone and the rest of the Black Umbrella family. His debut EP, Planets, is self-produced and features a number of area MCs and vocalists. The album’s eight tracks are heady, soulful doses of modern hip-hop and R&B, one of the highlights being “Strange” which finds singer and frequent Black Umbrella collaborator Ariana DeBoo stretching out her jazz vocals. Download Planets for free, here.

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AUDIO: “About Her” – Kevin Lavitt (feat. Dave B & Mario Sweet)


Kevin Lavitt - About Her

Kevin Lavitt — frequent collaborator of Raz Simone and Sam Lachow — dropped a new single last week: “About Her” featuring raps by Dave B and vocals by Mario Sweet. It’s from Kevin’s forthcoming Planets. This one grooves and swings in all the right ways and is a testament to the bubbling R&B talent in Seattle.

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AUDIO: “Night Is Over” – Kevin Lavitt (feat. Sam Lachow)

Kevin Lavitt & Sam Lachow - Night is Over

Kevin Lavitt is a Seattle-based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. His debut EP Planets will arrive shortly we’re told. “Night Is Over” is the first drop and it features frequent collaborator Sam Lachow. Kevin reminds me of ’90s R&B crooner Jon B — do with that assessment what you will. In any case, blue-eyed soul is here to stay.

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