DOWNLOAD: Video Games and Blunts Vol. 1 – Keyboard Kid

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Local producer Keyboard Kid is making a name for himself in the based/cloud-rap underground, contributing key tracks to artists like Lil B and Mondre MAN (of Main Attrakionz). This in addition to recent compositions for local collective Lake House Ent (see: Young Dollas’ “Navy Based” video, below.)

The Kid’s Video Games and Blunts Vol. 1 is old by rap standards (it came out in May of last year), but this overworked blogger is just getting to it now. True to its name, the album is flush with 8-bit synth and hypnotic glitch hop. At a walloping 34-tracks long (most of which extend for an entire song’s length), enduring this thing is a bit of a listening marathon, but if you’re late to the producer’s game like I am it’s a good way to get filled in.

The LP is available for free download, here.  And his subsequent drop, The Mind Is So Complex When Your #Based, is available for purchase, here.



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NEW MUSIC: “Navy Based” – Lake House Entertainment (prod. by KeyBoard Kid)

They rap, they skate, they lounge in the sun (when it’s out). #LakeHouseLife.

Local collective Lake House Entertainment is preparing to release their first LP, Dollas & Some Change on January 24. Check the first track, “Navy Based,” from that effort here.


VIDEO: “4EverGreen” – KeyBoard Kid

Someday I’ll get off my lazy blog ass and develop a fully-formed opinion on this Based sh-t. Until then, thanks to KeyBoard Kid for linking me to his first music video, “4EverGreen.” Casual cool and sh-t talk over slow-roll synth. I’ve liked stuff like this before. Someone tell me why I should stop ignoring the Based World.