VIDEO INTERVIEW: The Flavr Blue – 11.15.13 at Mercury Lounge, New York City

In partnership with Jae Change (whom you would recognize as Know Choice), 206UP.COM dips its pinkie toe into the wild waters of video interviews. Seattle’s The Flavr Blue sat down with us in the green room at NYC’s Mercury Lounge mere minutes before wheels up on stage. Thanks to them for the time!

You’ll see that I don’t appear in the video. That was by design. Jae and I are still developing my on-camera persona, which will likely end up being some combination of David Letterman, Nardwuar and Psy. It would’ve been wrong to subject Lace, Parker and Hollis to that kind of cult-of-personality just before performing.

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VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Chasing Amy” – Know Choice

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Recent Brooklyn relocatee Know Choice finds himself the victim of star-crossed love in the city. A surprisingly deft and heavy-handed video for what could otherwise have been exploitative and fetishist. Props to the Eastside MC for the thoughtful track.

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DOWNLOAD: “Bridges Between Us” – Know Choice (feat. Hollis Wong-Wear & Nam)

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Know Choice, Hollis Wong-Wear and Nam tackle the generational gap within the Asian and Pacific Islander community. Based on their bars, I assume all three are children of immigrants. With that bearing comes a certain set of responsibilities and expectations. I’m adopted Korean-American, possessor of that dreaded hyphen that so haphazardly connects the two classifications. I was mercifully spared the parental pressures commonly associated with being the child of immigrant parents, but somehow still can’t escape that “old head” mentality of the aging Korean set who wonder openly when I’m going to get around to learning the language or start attending a Korean church. It’s a weird place to be, man, but I’m stubborn and resilient. These three MCs are doing the right thing, holding onto their microphones and riding it out the best way they know how.


VIDEO: “No Turnin’ Back” – Know Choice (feat. Notion)

Guest MC Notion is rocking a particularly low-slung v-neck in this clip. For more on the dangers of that fashion endeavor see here.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in that glass elevator,” was another thought I had while watching this clip.


DOWNLOAD: “Get Off My Tip” (B-side “Awkward”) – That One Show

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I imagine the formation of That One Show is kind of like what happened in the feudal days when four court jesters from neighboring kingdoms realized they were not only much smarter than the royalty they were forced to perform for, but also much more powerful as a united group. Or something. In any case, this crew is four talented (but relatively unknown) dudes from the area who make party rap and sh-t talk fun for the people. Get more familiar with Shast, Ripynt, Notion and Know Choice.