DOWNLOAD: Sliding Scale – Julie C

Click album cover for D/L link.

Is there a more deeply-entrenched hip-hop artist in Seattle than Julie C? Her affiliations include (but are not limited to): Alpha P, Knox Family, B-Girl Media, 206 Zulu, and Hip-Hop CongressAND she writes her own hip-hop and social justice blog Sheep Skin Camo. Whew, no wonder she’s just now getting to her first solo musical endeavor, the six-track Sliding Scale EP (available for free above and below).

On Sliding Scale, Julie displays a diverse set of MC skills, from the fast rap show(wo)manship of “Hellfire” to the head-slicing battle rap of “Gimme More.” The album features production by Phreewil, M.Famous, Boombox Massacre, Neebor, and Nitro Fresh. Get hip, dunny.