VIDEO: “Hearin’ Nothin'” – Mackned (dir. by Will Hoopes)

The most buzzed about local crew in recent weeks is the Seattle and LA-based Thraxxhouse collective — though they don’t like to be referred to in that way. Co-ringleader Mackned has a new record called Female making the rounds on your favorite music sites and “Hearin’ Nothin'” is from that. Video directed by Will Hoopes and track by Tommy Kruise. Thraxxhouse had an epic (by many accounts) show at the Crocodile earlier this month. Check out the photo set from that evening here.

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AUDIO: Indiana Facers – Key Nyata & Mackned

Key Nyata & Mackned - Indiana Facers

The Thraxxhouse collective bum rushed the end of 2014 with a grip of new releases. None better, however, than Indiana Facers, the murky, beautiful drone of a horror show by de facto team leaders Key Nyata and Mackned.

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NEW MUSIC: Critical Trap – Mackned

Mackned - Critical Trap

The Thraxxhouse movement, collective — whatever you want to call it — continues to sprout limbs all up and down the West Coast. Mackned (formerly of another active local crew, the Moor Gang) is a key player, and here he is again with a dark, creeping and turnt effort, Critical Trap: Evil Ned Edition.

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NEW MUSIC: Thraxxhouse Mixtape – Mackned & Key Nyata

Mackned & Key Nyata - Thraxxhouse Mixtape

My internet buddy Andrew Martin (former editor of Potholes In My Blog), recently shined some light on this latest go ’round by Seattle underground fire-starters Mackned and Key Nyata. And by “fire” I mean “slow burn” and by “go ’round” I mean “haunted crawl through the SEA’s darkest rap corners.” Get it below.


VIDEO: “Laughing At The Sky” – Mackned (feat. Parker Joe)

Moor Gang’s Mackned with a bleak new clip off the rapper/producer’s Alice Gla$$. Parker Joe (of State Of The Artist and The Flavr Blue) hops on this one, along with producer Prfct Storm and HD maestro Stephan Gray.



VIDEO: “Ned’s World” – Mackned (feat. Thaddeus David & Steezie Nasa)

You may not have heard Mackned rap, but you’ve probably heard his beats. He’s all over Thaddeus David’s latest, None The Less (scroll down for that), and he’s one of Moor Gang’s in-house producers. Fellow MG troublemakers TH and Steezie Nasa show up on the title track to Mack’s solo album which you can download below. If trap ruled the world…

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