AUDIO: Word Play – MADlines

MADlines - Wordplay

MADlines continues to mash her influences and affinities together like sedimentary rock beds (shout-out to the WWU Geology Department, class of 2000). Her Word Play EP dropped in mid-December but the album’s appeal stretches out like an all-night reggae dance party.

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VIDEO: “The Weapon” – MADlines (prod. by Bean One; dir. by DJ Agana)

Maddy Clifford, aka MADlines, aka one half of indispensable Seattle duo Canary Sing, seems to have found her lane with last Fall’s reggae-infused, party-while-remaining-conscious EP, Love Child. “The Weapon”, a track from that Bean One produced six-tracker, has a fresh video attached to it now directed by the Bay Area’s DJ Agana. Watch and learn a lesson.

And, while we’re at it, from the throwback files is the Canary Sing clip below: “Freak Show”, featuring a before-she-was-famous Hollis Wong-Wear. Just kidding, Hollis was always a star.


NEW(ISH) MUSIC: Love Child – MADlines & Bean One

MADlines & BeanOne - Love Child EP

Finally got a chance to listen to Love Child, the MADlines x BeanOne collab. Hip hop meets reggae stylings to bombastic and highly danceable effect. I don’t recall Mad ever sounding this confident or dexterous on the mic, even in the golden years of Canary Sing, the other half of whom lends guest vocals on “I-R-I-E”. Love Child will warm up your winter.

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VIDEO: “Blocka (Don’t Block My Shine)” – MADlines (feat. Gigante; dir. by Genuienzo; prod. by BeanOne)

You already know MADlines as one half of Canary Sing, and soon you will know her as a solo artist. “Blocka (Don’t Block My Shine)” is the first single from the (now) Oakland-based singer/MC’s upcoming Love Child EP. BeanOne on the beat and Gigante with the cameo.

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VIDEO: “I Need a Moment” – MADlines (dir. by Spenser T. Nottage)

You know MADlines as one half of Canary Sing (Hollis Wong-Wear is the other more conspicuous fifty-percent). Nice to see this talented MC going for dolo on the soulful “I Need a Moment”. Check the wardrobe changes, the chopped-up sample, and the sexy nuance of the video, conceptualized and directed by Spenser T. Nottage.

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