VIDEO: “Ill Hill” – Donte Peace (prod. by MaxTrax; dir. by Brian Tolliver)

Donte Peace traversed the back alleys, rooftops and even basement laundry rooms for the sharp black and white contrast for this clip, “Ill Hill”. Frequent collaborator MaxTrax on the beat and Brian Tolliver with the HD eye.


NEW MUSIC: “Cxptain Mxrgan” – Donte Peace (feat. Nacho Picasso; prod. by Maxtrax)

Captain Morgan - Donte Peace & Nacho Picasso

This song is not about Morgan Freeman. It’s not even really about Captain Morgan Rum. It’s mostly about those idle times that wrought devil’s playground hands, told to you by Donte Peace and Nacho Picasso. It’s hella grimy in the best possible way. With someone called Maxtrax on the beat.

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