206UP PREMIER: “SuperSonic Keyboard” – Neema (feat. Grynch & Prometheus Brown)

Neema - The Cigar Room

“Highly anticipated” is a hyperbolic phrase that gets thrown around too often, much like “hottest rapper in the game” and “New England Patriots dynasty.”

The Cigar Room, Neema’s (ahem) highly anticipated album with producer Keyboard Kid, has simmered somewhere on a hard drive for a long enough stretch of time that the street’s anticipation for the conspicuously missing album has come in, out and back in fashion like a pair of acid washed jeans. So the phrase is still apropos, especially on the proverbial eve of the record actually hitting pavement via an appropriately provincial debut at The Jet Bar & Grill in Mill Creek tonight (which also serves as the kick-off of a regional mini-tour). The online release via iTunes is set to happen in a week.

Score one for the slow rap movement*.

We’re especially happy over here at 206UP because Mr. 10K himself has graciously allowed us to premier the latest single from The Cigar Room: “SuperSonic Keyboard” which features guest shots from fellow Seattle rap populists Grynch and Prometheus Brown. This track finds the three posted up in the backroom, preferred carnal delights being enjoyed by the respective rappers: a surprise striptease for Neema, open flask for Pro Brown, and bitch-slaps for subpar MCs trading in his style for the King of Ballard. It’s all adorned with additional vocals by Latin Rose and J Landis, and Keyboard Kid’s reclined production, which vaguely references the best R&B stylings of the mid-’90s. Smoke one, as they say.

UPDATE (11:21 AM PST): Catch Neema answering questions on the Hip-Hop Heads Northwest Reddit board #AMA today at 4 PM PST.

“SuperSonic Keyboard” – Neema (feat. Grynch & Prometheus Brown; prod. by Keyboard Kid):

Neema - The Cigar Room Tour

*I may or may not have just coined this phrase. Shout-out to the slow food movement for the inspiration.

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AUDIO: “Ten Stacks” – Neema (feat. Mr. Xquisit; prod. by Keyboard Kid)

Neema - Ten Stacks

It appears the mythical Neema/Keyboard Kid collab The Cigar Room will indeed rise from the depths of an overworked hard drive and taste crisp Northwest air. See, Neema fans — it says “March 2015” in the track artwork above. Do your vocal warm-ups now and get ready to rhyme along in the car with the region’s beloved super-rapper. In the meantime, enjoy the nocturnal, crawling lyrical workout that is “Ten Stacks” featuring Mr. Xquisit on the hook.

Audio Audio / Video

VIDEO: “The Cigar Room / The Weatherman” – Neema (feat. Keyboard Kid)

Mr10K himself and based world auteur Keyboard Kid appear together in the first half of this video to promo their upcoming The Cigar Room collab. Then, everything turns purple for “The Weatherman”, an older joint by the reigning crown prince of Seattle double-time. AK Romero got behind the lens for both of these.



VIDEO: “Do It Big” – Neema (feat. Eighty4 Fly & Lace Cadence)

This video is riding on training wheels. Training wheels with 23 inch rims, but trainers nonetheless. Don’t blame Neema (who seems like a genuinely good dude) for the shots that linger just a little too long. Or the close-ups of Eighty4 Fly’s face that are just a little too close. Regrettably this song also features Lace Cadence, quite possibly the Seattle rapper (term used loosely here) that 206UP.COM appreciates the least. (Okay, go ahead and blame Neema for that one.)


VIDEO: “4 AM Phone Calls” – Neema

You know those LiveLinks advertisements that come on television at around three am on channel 13? Yeah, this video kinda reminds me of those. Good thing Neema’s killer double-time flow saves the track from being a complete waste of time. “4 AM Phone Calls” isn’t nearly the best track off his otherwise solid LP, The Essence, but someone must’ve thought it would make the best video.

(What am I doing up at three in the morning watching LiveLinks ads on channel 13, you ask? Why, waiting for my four am phone call, of course!)