DOWNLOAD: Toy In The Cereal Box – Saturday Morning Cartoon

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Saturday Morning Cartoon (Nitro Fresh and Jonnie Storm) reached far and wide for this remix album. 23 artists from 13 different countries contributed to Toy In The Cereal Box, a compilation assembled using vocal tracks from SMC’s debut, Cereal Box Superheroes, which you can grab here.


DOWNLOAD: Sliding Scale – Julie C

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Is there a more deeply-entrenched hip-hop artist in Seattle than Julie C? Her affiliations include (but are not limited to): Alpha P, Knox Family, B-Girl Media, 206 Zulu, and Hip-Hop CongressAND she writes her own hip-hop and social justice blog Sheep Skin Camo. Whew, no wonder she’s just now getting to her first solo musical endeavor, the six-track Sliding Scale EP (available for free above and below).

On Sliding Scale, Julie displays a diverse set of MC skills, from the fast rap show(wo)manship of “Hellfire” to the head-slicing battle rap of “Gimme More.” The album features production by Phreewil, M.Famous, Boombox Massacre, Neebor, and Nitro Fresh. Get hip, dunny.


DOWNLOAD: Cereal Box Superheroes – Saturday Morning Cartoon

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From the playful hip-hop minds of Jonnie Storm and Nitro Fresh, the dudes who comprise Saturday Morning Cartoon, comes Cereal Box Superheroes, the crew’s debut album. Beginning today, SMC will leak one (or two) tracks per day for FREE. Each drop will only be available for 24 hours, so stay up on the group’s Bandcamp page (linked below) daily to make sure you get the whole album.

An upbeat and positive vibe is SMC’s general hustle, along with healthy use of the talk-box, which adds a nostalgic old-school futurism to the group’s sound. Get hip to SMC below.


VIDEO: “Something Brand Nu” – Saturday Morning Cartoon f/Julie C

Peep the video for “Something Brand Nu” by Saturday Morning Cartoon featuring Julie C, animated and directed by David Toledo. SMC is Nitro Fresh (beats) and Jonnie Storm (rhymes). Their vibe is on some chilled-out, schoolyard whimsical sh-t. 206UP.COM appreciates that. Check for the crew’s FREE mixtape, ABC’s and 123’s, here. And keep an eye out for their debut album, Cereal Box Superheroes coming sometime in the Spring.