VIDEO: “Ain’t Gon’ Stop” – Sol (dir. by Noah Porter)

Sure to put a smile on everyone’s face and make the film nerds wild out, Sol’s new video for “Ain’t Gon’ Stop” is one take — literally — of a lovely day spent with good music and good friends. Directed by Noah Porter.

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VIDEO: “The Deep End” – Kevin Lavitt (feat. Thig Nat; dir. by Noah Porter)

Dig the new video for Kevin Lavitt’s “The Deep End” featuring brooding vocals by Thig Nat of the Physics. At first I was like, Why the girl gotta be pink and the boy gotta be blue?, but by the end I was all, Oh they both colors now — that shit cool. #RejectPatriarchy, you know? From Kevin’s recent Planets EP.

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VIDEO: “People” – Sol (dir. by Noah Porter)

Sol and director Noah Porter released the video for “People,” one of two songs from the rapper’s mid-February double single release, “People/Pages.” This well-shot, dramatic clip finds Sol mired in an existential crisis of sorts, torn between a desire for solitude and human companionship.

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VIDEO: “LEFTOVA” – UGLYFRANK (dir. by Noah Porter)

UGLYFRANK is one third of Tacoma cool kids ILLFIGHTYOU (you already know). “LEFTOVA” appears on Frank’s solo Bobby Hill EP, which you can stream below. It’s bouncy and sticky, just like those Fruit Loops he spills everywhere. Directed by Noah Porter and produced by Kream Team.

Also, catch ILLFIGHTYOU at this year’s edition of Bumbershoot.