NEW MUSIC: “Everyday” – Second Family

Second Family - Everyday

We here at 206UP do our best to also stay up on the rap happenings in the South Puget Sound. Tacoma’s Second Family have been one of the blog’s favorite crews for a minute from that region. “Everyday” is the first drop from the duo’s upcoming Grit City which is scheduled for a June release.


DOWNLOAD: Gateway Drug – Second Family

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#LatePass. This dropped on July 6, but your dude is on vacation right now so I’m automating this post for July 19. Gotta spread the material thin to keep you fools interested. You ADD-havin’, attention span-lackin’, download freak flag flyin’ ma’f-ckas! (Just kidding, I love my readers!)

Gateway Drug is the latest drop from the South Sound crew Second Family. MC’s Element and NoQuezt keep it gully, grimy, gritty, and all other g-based euphemisms for “gangsta.”


DOWNLOAD: Sleep Deprivation Mixtape – Second Family

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The South Sound has been buzzing about this mixtape since May so #LatePass on this one. Second Family is the Tac-Town duo of Element and NoQuezt. Their deliveries exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Element brings a gruff hardrock flow (something like a Pacific Northwest version of Bun B) and NoQuezt has a raspy, high-pitched smoker’s intonation. Streets are the subject matter, typical to a lot of 253 sh-t these days, but what sets the men of Second Family apart are their MC skills, which are far and away better than most of their peers.