DOWNLOAD: “Champagne & Caviar” – Notion (feat. Grynch & Luck-One)

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New drop from Notion and frequent production collaborator MTK, with some help from Pac NW neighbors Grynch and Luck-One.

“Champagne & Caviar” – Notion (feat. Grynch & Luck-One)


VIDEO: “No Turnin’ Back” – Know Choice (feat. Notion)

Guest MC Notion is rocking a particularly low-slung v-neck in this clip. For more on the dangers of that fashion endeavor see here.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in that glass elevator,” was another thought I had while watching this clip.


DOWNLOAD: “Get Off My Tip” (B-side “Awkward”) – That One Show

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I imagine the formation of That One Show is kind of like what happened in the feudal days when four court jesters from neighboring kingdoms realized they were not only much smarter than the royalty they were forced to perform for, but also much more powerful as a united group. Or something. In any case, this crew is four talented (but relatively unknown) dudes from the area who make party rap and sh-t talk fun for the people. Get more familiar with Shast, Ripynt, Notion and Know Choice.


DOWNLOAD: 3 Songs With MTK – Notion

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Get familiar with Seattle MC Notion on this pleasantly bumping three-track EP featuring production by MTK. Notion’s high-pitched rasp rides with admirable precision over MTK’s soulful thump, though guest MC Chev (one of the best local rappers flying under the general public’s radar) kills him on his own sh-t on the EP’s best track, “Right Here.”