VIDEO: “Notorious” – Draze

Yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of the passing of Christopher Wallace, aka. the Notorious B.I.G. To reflect on the somber occasion, Seattle rapper Draze re-released his 2009 “mixtapemovie,” “Notorious,” which “samples” clips from the biopic of the same name and interpolates them as the visual accompaniment to an original track written and performed by Draze.

The song imagines an alternate universe where Biggie returns to New York to make amends and pay visits to past lovers, homies and business associates. Assuming the disembodied voice of one of rap music’s most beloved heroes is not a blithe task, but Draze musters the appropriate gravity. Watch “Notorious” below and watch for a new round of mixtapemovies from Draze this year, including “The Devil’s Advocate” which concerns one Kanye West.

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