DOWNLOAD: “Rap Rap” – TH3RDZ (prod. by Kuddie Fresh)

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Candidt: “Hate the word ‘swag’ now / Been havin’ all that/ Bustas make it a thang now.” Concur. More for “the rap nerds” from TH3RDZ. This is called “Rap Rap,” it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Click here to D/L “Rap Rap” by TH3RDZ.


DOWNLOAD: “Money Mouf” – Xperience (prod. by BeanOne)

The best rapper to ever come out of our capital city? Oldominion affiliate Xperience goes in here. X has never sounded more dexterous. BeanOne drops more of that no-frills, stripped-down drum and bass sh-t he’s been on lately. It all adds up to something nice for your weekend.


DOWNLOAD: “Wylout” – Th3rdz (prod. by BeanOne)

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Correction: there is a “z” at the end of Th3rdz. And it is pronounced “The Thirds.”

Now that that’s established, check the latest drop from the Oldominion-affiliated three-man wrecking crew of Candidt, JFK and Xperience. “Wylout” is produced by BeanOne and sounds like one of them early hype Wu-Tang joints. The kind built exclusively for jumping up and down repeatedly in the club. If this track were a candy bar, it would consist of chocolate, caramel nougat and crunched up bits of microphone. It’d be called a “Chunky, Son!”

“Wylout” – Th3rdz (prod. by BeanOne)


VIDEO: “Th3rd” – Th3rd

Remember that formula you learned in algebra whereby you could derive the total number of combinations possible from any given number of unique components? Yeah, I don’t remember that sh-t either. I bet the number would be high for the Oldominion collective, though. Here’s one of the possibilities: JFK + Candidt + Xperience = Th3rd. Supergroup alert!

(Spotted at Raindrop.)