VIDEO: “On 1” – Ricky and Mark

Ricky Pharoe and Mark Gajadhar are “On 1” (see what I did there?) in their new video. Shot on Orcas Island (a brief whale ride away from my hometown of Lopez), I like how the off-beat hip hop track re-fits into the context of the outdoors. Shot by Griff J.



VIDEO: “IDGAF” – Produktive (dir. by On 1)

Produktive is from the L.A.C.O.S.A. camp, a crew of dedicated local underground heads who you can learn more about here. From the press:

The Northwest is home to countless artists who strive to bring higher consciousness to their craft and hope to become beacons of enlightenment for their communities. Produktive attempts to do nothing of the sort, and instead uses his vast vocabulary, pronounced punctuation, and lyrical precision to appeal to his audience.

So, yeah, that’s cool I guess.