AUDIO: “One More Time” – Brothers From Another (feat. Otieno Terry; prod. by Nima Skeemz)

One More Time - BFA

Brothers From Another are prepping for the release of theirĀ full-length debut album This Summer, scheduled to touch down tomorrow (Tue., 7/21). Summer has already started in Seattle (duh) but the breezy “One More Time” ensures an extended period of warmth.

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VIDEO: “Error Code 504” – Hightek Lowlives (dir. by Dave Wilson)

Herein lies the debut music video from Hightek Lowlives, the unexpectedly accomplished electro R&B act responsible for 2014’s Humanoid Void, an album that stands up in quality against any R&B release from last year from any city of your choosing. Believe that. Front man Otieno Terry looks, sounds and acts like a star in the clip.

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NEW MUSIC: Humanoid Void – Hightek Lowlives

Hightek Lowlives - Humanoid Void

Hightek Lowlives are the R&B/electro trio that low-key dropped the title track to their new LP, Humanoid Void, last fall. That track featured Seattle mainstay Gabriel Teodros (who also appears on the song “Believe In Me”). The rest of Humanoid Void falls into similar futuristic grooves behind the vocals of EMP Sound Off! winner Otieno Terry who — at first glance anyway — looks like the next star to emerge in the Seattle music scene.