NEW MUSIC: Jupiter EP – Fresh Espresso

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Fresh Espresso preps you for their headlining City Arts Fest show at Neumos tonight with the release of this free five-song EP, Jupiter. Download it at your leisure below and click here for tonight’s show info.

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NEW MUSIC: “Benihana (Tay Sean Ill Segundo Remix)” – Fresh Espresso

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Tay Sean and P Smoov are trading remixes of their crew’s respective tracks this week. This exhibit right here is a remix of “Benihana” off Fresh Espresso’s latest album, Bossalona. Check the last remix from P a few posts back and stay tuned for a brand new Fresh Espresso EP coming in a few hours.

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NEW MUSIC: “The Mezzanine (P Smoov Remix)” – Kingdom Crumbs

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Kingdom Crumbs (Cloud Nice’s Tay Sean, Jarv Dee, Mikey Nice, and Jerm) are creators of the best Seattle rap album of 2012, at least in this blogger’s humble opinion. Make sure to download the crew’s swagged-out, heady self-titled debut, here.

New today is this remix of Kingdom’s “The Mezzanine,” treated with due respect by one half of Fresh Espresso, P Smoov. The two groups will be performing at the same City Arts Fest show at Neumos on 10/19. Go here to check the science.

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NEW MUSIC: Bossalona – Fresh Espresso

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I was recently vacationing in Spain for the first time but intentionally skipped Barcelona because, as my girl tells it, “It’s too obvious a city.” We chose to gallivant around Madrid instead. I’m not sure what this has to do with the new Fresh Espresso album other than the title, Bossalona, sounds a whole lot like a play on Barcelona. Also there’s the bullfighter on the cover.

Anyways, with P Smoov relocated to his home state of Michigan and Rik Rude under the perpetual influence of his own swag rap psychedelia in the Town, I was worried we might not see a Fresh Espresso sophomore album in the near future. That’s the last time I count these two hard working rap guys out. Bossalona dropped today (for a price), and hipsters who pretend to like rap have a reason to start behaving badly in the club again.

Those of us that really like rap are happy, too.


VIDEO: “Back to the Future” – OL’ Small

If P Smoov were standing right next to OL’ Small would you be able to tell the difference? Certainly not in a hazy, strobe-lit club, the locale that Small’s music is specifically designed for. This earnest young rapper with booze, beats and babes (sorry, I couldn’t avoid the alliterative opportunity) on his mind just dropped a new single, “Back to the Future.” The track does, in fact, feature production by P Smoov, and the accompanying video is directed by Mike Folden. It’s all pretty kitschy and nostalgic to 80’s babies (of which I am one). I can’t say I didn’t find myself smiling at this.

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DOWNLOAD (W/COMMENTARY): “Seattle Girls” – Ol’ Small (feat. P Smoov)

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I have mixed feelings on this one. On the one hand, producer Mat Wisner (of Viper Creek Club fame) makes undeniably danceable electro-pop/funk/rap sh-t. On the other, this track (and a whole sh-t ton of other rap music — much of which admittedly gets coverage on this blog) marginalizes pretty much every woman in Seattle. Some ladies might think this track is just swell, and others might feel justifiably pigeonholed.

There’s nothing wrong with appreciating beauty (feminine, masculine, mammalian, reptilian, whatever), but when the identity of a specific group of people is distilled to nothing more than the sexual, there’s no good in that. Ever. A fair amount of rap music made by men does an admirable job of representing a dualistic point of view with regards to male/female sexuality. This does not.


DOWNLOAD: “Hey Hey” (S.O.T.A. f/P Smoov & Shaprece Renee)

State Of The Artist drops their official full-length debut, Seattlecalifragilisticextrahelladopeness this Friday, 4.23.10, at Pravda Studios. Peep the flyer below. In the meantime, click here or below to download the track, “Hey Hey” (featuring P Smoov and Shaprece Renee) from the forthcoming album.

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DOWNLOAD: “Coffee Beans…The Glamour ReWorks” (OC Notes & Fresh Espresso)

Fresh Espresso are currently Seattle’s most remixed hip-hop group. From the FileJerks’ hyperactive remix of “Diamond Pistols” to Thrills’ house music redux of “Big or Small” and “Vader Rap”, FE aficionados have club heads bleeding-out all over dance floors across Seattle. Rik and P are even making it mercifully easy for these producer nerds with the acapella release of Glamour — it’s all about ready…set…REMIX! And I appreciate them dudes for encouraging the DIY spirit.

The most ambitious undertaking, however, comes courtesy of do-it-all production virtuoso, OC Notes. His Coffee Beans…The Glamour ReWorks is a complete and utter re-imagining of FE’s now seminal debut. Listening to it is like stumbling down a dimly-lit hallway, high off weed and alcohol, where every room you pass is a doorway into trip-hop psychedelia and fuzzed-out experimentia (?) of FE’s original Glamour sh*t. It’s worth the trip, readers. And best of all, it’s free. Click here or below to download.


Grynch Steals Christmas (Sorry, Had to Say it)

How many “How The Grynch Stole Christmas” jokes do you think homie has to put up with this time of year? A f*cking lot, I’m sure.

No matter, dude keeps dropping bombs. Especially this one, called “You’re On”, with production by P Smoov. (An abridged version was featured on Smoov’s Face Scrunchers mixtape.) I’m pretty sure P could mic up a bunch of yowling hyenas, put ’em on a track, and they’d still sound freaking great.

And another while we’re at it: This one’s called, “The Right Way.” More rapping about rapping from the G-man. Still sounds hella nice, though. And it’ll appear on Illmind’s forthcoming mixtape, Blaps Rhymes & Life. Big things, Grynch!