AUDIO: Know Accidents – Diogenes & Phreewil


Diogenes (producer and member of beat head collective Filthy Fingers United) and Phreewil (rhyme-sayer and frequent pusher of buttons himself) crafted this four-piece EP, Know Accidents. Dio’s crafty boom-bap and smart left field sample progressions are paired with Phree’s observational, bragging flow for an absolutely satisfying (albeit too brief) musical handshake.

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NEW MUSIC: Was And It Will Be – Ricky Pharoe & Phreewil

Ricky Pharoe & Phreewil

MC Ricky Pharoe and MC/producer Phreewil put in proverbial work on their new Was And It Will Be. The two gentlemen of rap leisure hold grudges and dream big from the bottom over a pu pu platter of boom-bap beats — that sounds like a negative critique but I assure you it’s not. Guests Jewels Hunter and Tru ID are worthy invitees and the only two rappers other than the principles that don’t get shitted on. Tell a friend.


VIDEO: “Kleptomaniac” – Graves 33

On the low, Graves33 has put in more work than most rappers you’ve already heard of and probably done enough shows with heroes of the rap subterrane to warrant his own star on the Seattle Underground walk of fame (if there were such a thing). Go here to get learned. It will require a shut-in, three-day weekend to get hip to it all, so close your blinds and turn off your phone.

And while we’re at it, this video and remixed version of the MC’s “Kleptomaniac” was conceptualized and formed by the producer Phreewil during an extended bout of influenza. It’s worth reading about his suffering on the Bandcamp liner notes for Banner For A Quilted Deathbed, a love letter of sorts from Phree to Graves in the form of a remix album. That’s below to stream and download at your leisure.

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DOWNLOAD: Sliding Scale – Julie C

Click album cover for D/L link.

Is there a more deeply-entrenched hip-hop artist in Seattle than Julie C? Her affiliations include (but are not limited to): Alpha P, Knox Family, B-Girl Media, 206 Zulu, and Hip-Hop CongressAND she writes her own hip-hop and social justice blog Sheep Skin Camo. Whew, no wonder she’s just now getting to her first solo musical endeavor, the six-track Sliding Scale EP (available for free above and below).

On Sliding Scale, Julie displays a diverse set of MC skills, from the fast rap show(wo)manship of “Hellfire” to the head-slicing battle rap of “Gimme More.” The album features production by Phreewil, M.Famous, Boombox Massacre, Neebor, and Nitro Fresh. Get hip, dunny.