NEW MUSIC: The Shadowed Diamond – Key Nyata

Key Nyata - The Shadowed Diamond

Key Nyata is one of Seattle rap’s new young guard. He’s a contributing member of the ubiquitous Raider Klan and a burgeoning blog darling. The Shadowed Diamond is his latest release and features production from P Smoov and guest appearances by Nacho Picasso, Avatar Darko and Dave B, among others.

As an aside…

There’s much hand-wringing around Town about the “Seattle sound” with the general consensus being that there isn’t one. Key is a prime example of that: he strays far from virtually all of his peers with deeply experimental beats that are more mood and feeling than typical rap set pieces. There’s never been a better time for Seattle rap to come into its own; hip hop is democratized to its greatest degree in history which rewards a fiercely independent spirit like the one we have here.

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