VIDEO: “The Worthy James” – Randy Robbins

Randy Robbins blends themes of Christianity, relevant parable and hip-hop period piece mash-up into his new video “The Worthy James” (probably a reference to either this James or this James, but likely not this James). The clip is no small feat and an indicator of why Randy is one of Seattle hip-hop’s underrated creative minds. Check out the rapper’s recent The Grass Is Always Yellower.

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206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet – 8.5.11


You may have noticed The TrackMeet feature is back on a not-so-regular basis. There are many reasons for this. A recent drought of submissions for one; laziness for another. In any case, people seem to really like the feature so here’s to consistency! Three new tracks from three relatively new artists are below for you to judge. Knock yourselves out!

LANE 1: “All Systems Are A Go”OL’ Small

LANE 2: “Focus On It”JC Flow

LANE 3: “Pink Skies”Randy Robbins

Downloads The TrackMeet