206UP.COM YEAR END: The Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013 – The Top 10


Today concludes 206UP’s Year End feature on the Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013. Below the jump you’ll find the blog’s Top 10 Albums of the Year (including a master list of all the albums considered at the very bottom of the post). Click on the album artwork or artist-titles for links to download or purchase.

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VIDEO: “Sometimes I Don’t” – Raz (feat. Sam Lachow; dir. by Jon Holman)

“Sometimes I Don’t” is the most recent single from Raz’s upcoming Solomon Samuel Simone (due March 19). The track features frequent collaborator Sam Lachow who does his own good dirt on both coasts (NYC x SEA).


NEW MUSIC: 5 Good Reasons – Sam Lachow & Raz Simone

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Here’s something worthwhile: Sam Lachow (NYC by way of SEA) and Raz (one of the Town’s finest new voices) collaborate for 5 Good Reasons, a pentagonal collection of wide-ranging party- and street-life numbers. Sam is a legitimate musical force to be reckoned with and Raz is worthy of all local hype bestowed thus far. Together they’ve crafted a remarkably thoughtful EP that I would count among the region’s best this year. Get it for free here.

UPDATE (1:15 pm PST, 9.24.12): The duo just dropped the latest video from the EP. “Coyotes” was directed by Sam Lachow, Raz and Avi Loud. Peep game below.

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VIDEO: “Nothing’s Gonna Change” – Sam Lachow & Raz (feat. B Skeez)

At first glance Sam Lachow and Raz seem like an odd pair for a collaboration. Cast expectations aside, however, for their new track, “Nothing’s Gonna Change,” the first drop from the duo’s upcoming 5 Good Reasons EP (September 17). Everything works here, from the live instrumentation to the chemistry between the two MCs.