NEW MUSIC: “On!” – Fresh Espresso

Fresh Espresso - On!

In advance of their show with Fly Moon Royalty tonight at Neumos, Fresh Espresso dropped this new track. “On!” swirls around like an electronic dust storm. It’ll sound great live, go see.

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NEW MUSIC: Jupiter EP – Fresh Espresso

Click album cover to download.

Fresh Espresso preps you for their headlining City Arts Fest show at Neumos tonight with the release of this free five-song EP, Jupiter. Download it at your leisure below and click here for tonight’s show info.

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NEW MUSIC: Bossalona – Fresh Espresso

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I was recently vacationing in Spain for the first time but intentionally skipped Barcelona because, as my girl tells it, “It’s too obvious a city.” We chose to gallivant around Madrid instead. I’m not sure what this has to do with the new Fresh Espresso album other than the title, Bossalona, sounds a whole lot like a play on Barcelona. Also there’s the bullfighter on the cover.

Anyways, with P Smoov relocated to his home state of Michigan and Rik Rude under the perpetual influence of his own swag rap psychedelia in the Town, I was worried we might not see a Fresh Espresso sophomore album in the near future. That’s the last time I count these two hard working rap guys out. Bossalona dropped today (for a price), and hipsters who pretend to like rap have a reason to start behaving badly in the club again.

Those of us that really like rap are happy, too.


VIDEO: “Car Chase” – Metal Chocolates

Chuckie M. was right, this is much more entertaining than Janye’s new video. As a kid I used to get chocolate coins in my stocking every Christmas from “Santa.” Now I’m writing about ’em as a grown-ass man on my dumb little rap blog. #FullCircle.


SHOW: Viper Creek Club w/Truckasaurus & Metal Chocolates, 4.1.11 @ Neumos

Click poster for more info.

Viper Creek Club has gotten a lot of love from 206UP.COM for its highly danceable, innovative reinterpretations of SEA hip-hop tracks. I’m not gonna link to ’em all here — that’s what the Search bar is for, dunny. Suffice to say that Mat Wisner’s side hustle has resulted in the birth of a 10-track album, ViperLust, that will drop and be celebrated live at Neumos on April 1. Get yourself to the venue for that and check 206UP.COM for the download when it goes public.

Also rocking with VCC that night will be the ever-assiduous Truckasaurus, and a new electro-rap duo known as Metal Chocolates, the ridiculously intelligent offspring of oc Notes and Rik Rude that is too smart for both the club and most progressive liberal arts colleges that I hear are all the rage right now. For a little taste of their gray matter, check the Bandcamp thingy below. MC has an interesting promotional package available, too, the spoils of which consist of accoutrement both likely and otherwise. Check for that, here.

Live Coverage

DOWNLOAD: “Dope Fiend Jazz” – OCnotes & Rik Rude

“Dope Fiend Jazz” is a 35 minute brainstorm session between OCnotes and Rik Rude. A crafty interpolation of jazz samples and Rude’s off-top oral street conceptualizations. Or something. I’ll let them tell it:


Its another rainy day in the square.  Rude and Notes walk the back alleys to the murder mart to pick up a sweet and some of the finest pois-ons the city has to offer before returning to the laboratory.  The sweet gets rolled, the cork pops, the machines get turned on.  An agreement has been made.  Today our scientists have decided to try a new experiment in spoken word and electronic African rhythms.  One take,  free form, freestyle, jazz.  This is pioneer square….Dope Fiend Jazz.

The L gets blazed.  Rude steps in the booth, OC gets on the pads.  The record button gets pushed.  No pens, no paper, no pre made beats. This is Live improvisation.  New experiments in space and time. Dope Fiend Jazz.

(And oh yeah, Metal Chocolates coming soon…)


DOWNLOAD: “Coffee Beans…The Glamour ReWorks” (OC Notes & Fresh Espresso)

Fresh Espresso are currently Seattle’s most remixed hip-hop group. From the FileJerks’ hyperactive remix of “Diamond Pistols” to Thrills’ house music redux of “Big or Small” and “Vader Rap”, FE aficionados have club heads bleeding-out all over dance floors across Seattle. Rik and P are even making it mercifully easy for these producer nerds with the acapella release of Glamour — it’s all about ready…set…REMIX! And I appreciate them dudes for encouraging the DIY spirit.

The most ambitious undertaking, however, comes courtesy of do-it-all production virtuoso, OC Notes. His Coffee Beans…The Glamour ReWorks is a complete and utter re-imagining of FE’s now seminal debut. Listening to it is like stumbling down a dimly-lit hallway, high off weed and alcohol, where every room you pass is a doorway into trip-hop psychedelia and fuzzed-out experimentia (?) of FE’s original Glamour sh*t. It’s worth the trip, readers. And best of all, it’s free. Click here or below to download.


VIDEO: “Big or Small” (Fresh Espresso)

Fresh Espresso’s first music video ever! A worthy effort. Nice job, fellas!

A few observations:

1. I miss being able to buy wine at 7-Eleven.

2. For a song that’s about women of all shapes and sizes, this video is curiously devoid of women of all shapes and sizes.

3. A night at the club would be more interesting if things actually moved in slow-motion.

4. Nice chest hair, Rik.