NEW MUSIC: A Beautiful Funeral – Ripynt

Ripynt - A Beautiful Funeral

From the depths of the neglected email inbox: Ripynt’s latest, A Beautiful Funeral. More hard-edged, technically proficient, big beat and synth hardcore from the North End native. Rapper, producer and studio engineer Carl Roe again rides shotgun throughout this 18-track effort. Worth your time.

And check out the music video/short film for the track “Never Give It Up.”

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VIDEO: “Red Cup Affair” – Ripynt (feat. L.A.C.O.S.A.)

Ripynt and the L.A.C.O.S.A. clique are acting up in the former’s new video for “Red Cup Affair” (directed with hedonistic flourish by Dyllyn Greenwood and produced by Produktive). Expect more antics on Ripynt’s upcoming A Beautiful Funeral.



NEW MUSIC: Underrated – Carl Roe & Ripynt

Underrated - Carl Roe & Ripynt

L.A.C.O.S.A.’s Carl Roe and local rap veteran Ripynt teamed up for Underrated, a nine-shot EP of furious rhymes, bars and lyrics… Oh, right, those are all the same thing. Well this duo has ’em in spades. Carl Roe’s production is serviceable boom-bap: check the well-interpolated Jimi Hendrix sample on “Want It For You” (featuring Mack E) and the retro futurist knock of the title track. Eminem would sound damn good rapping over these instrumentals — whatever that means. Download Underrated for free below.

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NEW MUSIC: Hurt Locker Deluxe – Ripynt

Click album cover to purchase.

Ripynt dropped Hurt Locker Deluxe yesterday, a redux of his previously free The Hurt Locker EP (go here for that). New remixes, remastered joints and a new track are available on Deluxe for five clams (no Casino). I recommend at least sampling the wares below and checking out the rapper’s new video for “Shifty” here.


DOWNLOAD: “The Hurt Locker (D-Sane Remix)” – Ripynt

Click track artwork to download.

Comic book nerd and hardcore MC Ripynt is preparing a re-release of last year’s The Hurt Locker EP. Hurt Locker Deluxe will feature three new remixes, some remastered cuts, and one brand new joint. Look for that on June 26. For now, bump this new version of the title track remixed by producer/engineer D-Sane.


DOWNLOAD: “Get Off My Tip” (B-side “Awkward”) – That One Show

Click image to D/L.

I imagine the formation of That One Show is kind of like what happened in the feudal days when four court jesters from neighboring kingdoms realized they were not only much smarter than the royalty they were forced to perform for, but also much more powerful as a united group. Or something. In any case, this crew is four talented (but relatively unknown) dudes from the area who make party rap and sh-t talk fun for the people. Get more familiar with Shast, Ripynt, Notion and Know Choice.


DOWNLOAD: On Second Thought Vol. 2 – Ripynt

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Ripynt takes a breather from the entertaining antics of his crew That 1 Show to go for dolo on this seven track EP, available for FREE here. The local cat sounds hungry spitting over beats by production luminaries like Know Choice, Mr. Hill and BeanOne. Stream the EP’s best track, “Puttin’ In Work” below.

“Puttin’ In Work” – Ripynt (feat. Mateo Mblem)