AUDIO: Rich Off Mackin – RJ & Choice

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The shortest distance between relative obscurity and the front page of Complex is a “Mustard on the beat, ho” audio watermark. Seattle’s Royce The Choice — simply “Choice” nowadays — hopped on Dijon’s 10 Summer label last year, popping up in a few spots on the (nearly) eponymous compilation record, 10 Summers.

Now, Choice has a mixtape to call his own: Rich Off Mackin. Okay, make that a co-mixtape; he shares rapping duties with Pushaz Ink recording artist RJ. It’s a moderately enjoyable party record, turnt and disrespectful in all the right places. And Choice shines in comparison to RJ, a rapper with dexterity but not much in the way of personality.

Of course 206UP prefers Choice before he dropped the “Royce The.” His concept album, Razorr Ramone with fellow Town native GMK, revealed Choice to be a big personality on the mic, conversational and casual, a bit like an updated version of Shock G less the kitsch and with added danger.

In any case, it’s dope that yet another Seattle MC is finding shine prominently outside of the area code, but disheartening as well because whenever you hitch your wagon to an already well-entrenched team there’s bound to be some diminished creative returns.

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NEW MUSIC: Talk Ain’t Cheap – Royce The Choice

Royce The Choice - Talk Ain't Cheap

Royce The Choice selected some (ahem) choice production partners for his latest EP, Talk Ain’t Cheap. Vitamin D, Kuddie Fresh and GMK all lend beats, and this blog’s favorite Town rapper of the moment, Porter Ray, shows up on “For The Jeeps”. You can also catch Royce getting a bit of national burn on DJ Mustard’s Ketchup mixtape.

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DOWNLOAD: “The Conscious” – Royce the Choice (prod. by J Milla)

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The Skymen crew dropped off this latest single from team member Royce The Choice. “The Conscious” is about keeping your quality game up, a practice the Skymen have turned into a habit. The authoritative beat knock plays against Royce’s un-wasted bars beautifully here. Limited edition rap.

“The Conscious” – Royce The Choice


DOWNLOAD: “Opus” – J. Pinder feat. Eighty4 Fly, Royce The Choice & Clemm Rishad

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The SEA really lost one when South End native J. Pinder took his cerebral brand of street rap south to the ATL. Thankfully his connection to The Six remains tight-knit in his music. “Opus” is more of that quality life rap where Pinder emotes, but not in a corny fashion. Guest shots from fellow Seattleite Eighty4 Fly, South Sound move-maker Clemm Rishad and California son Royce The Choice. Kuddie Fresh’s soulful slap holds ’em together.

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