SHOW: Blue Scholars at The Retreat on Lopez Island – 8.17.13

The Retreat - Skatelite

We don’t post a lot about shows here at 206UP, but I thought this warranted a special mention: Blue Scholars will be headlining a skate and BMX event sponsored by the Tacoma-based ramp surface company Skatelite. The engagement is called The Retreat and it’s going down this Saturday, August 17, on idyllic Lopez Island (of the famed San Juan Islands in the very upper upper left corner of the map).

Blue Scholars

DJ Sabzi and MC Geo of Blue Scholars

The Retreat is being billed as a relaxing getaway; an opportunity to hang out, eat food, drink beer, and chill with Seattle’s favorite hip hop duo and a grip of the world’s top skate and BMX athletes. For real, though, I’m not even into “action sports” and I recognize some of these names: Mat Hoffman, Bob Burnquist, Bucky Lasek, etc. Go here for more information and to book your transportation.

San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands.

So why the special post, you ask? It’s because I grew up on Lopez Island, and, while vacationers have always considered the place a bastion of natural beauty and guaranteed respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life, how do I put this delicately?… Shit didn’t ever happen there, n’ah mean? So this is kind of a big deal.

Anyway, make your way to Lopez if you have the time and means. Take your bicycle; make sure to stop in at Holly B’s Bakery in The Village; drop a couple bills at The Bay Cafe for dinner; and please respect and enjoy the hell out of the place. Also, if you see my mom, tell her I’ll call her this weekend. One.

Live Coverage

VIDEO: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Interviewed by The Nature Conservancy

As a part of The Nature Conservancy’s All Hands on Earth Music campaign, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis share a few words on what it meant growing up in one of the most beautiful places in the United States. As a lifelong camping and canoeing enthusiast — and product of the impossibly resplendent San Juan Islands — I have to agree with everything they’ve said here.


VIDEO: “On the Hill” – The Kid Daytona

Saw this over at SW Reverb courtesy Nick Feldman. I caught wind of the LRG promotional outing to the San Juan Islands (my hometown) via a brief Twitter exchange with 9th Wonder back in January. Check out the previous post, here.

Turns out the influential streetwear company also bankrolled a music video for Bronx-based emcee The Kid Daytona. It’s an unlikely setting for a rapper from the Boogie-down, but then again I never would have predicted I’d end up living in Harlem for three years when I was a bored and clueless teen attending keg parties in the middle of the woods on Lopez Island. Funny how life goes.


VIDEO: “LRG Presents: Spring 2011” – Lifted Research Group

A few months back I caught wind of a Tweet from 9th Wonder saying something about being in the San Juan Islands. I was trippin’ because that’s where I grew up and I thought it was kinda crazy that 9th would be chillin’ out there. So I hit him back on Twitter that day and he confirmed it. Then today I caught this over at the Northwest State of Mind blog. It must explain 9th’s trip to the islands:

I guess it’s not so far-fetched. After all, one day I rode the Airporter Shuttle from the Anacortes Ferry Terminal back to Seattle with the homie Vitamin D. And then there’s this. San Juan Islands — we major!


Learn Your History (I Am)

My earliest memories of hip-hop in the 206 begin with Sir-Mix-A-Lot and Kid Sensation. It’s sad, I know, but I’m an 80’s Baby who grew up in the San Juan Islands, a place that, when you’re young, seems light years away from the foreign metropolis that is Seattle, Washington.

Back then, my Seattle points-of-reference were limited to Mariners games, Red Robin and movie theaters, three things I was severely deprived of in my formative years. Hip-hop music and culture was available to me, but only in its mass-market form. I wasn’t close enough to the city to touch the underground. If I had been, I’d probably be a more learned student of the earliest Town movements.

Thankfully we have the internet, where the history of anything is available to those willing to spend time looking. Here are two pieces of Seattle-area hip-hop lore, some brick and mortar carved right from the foundation.

Cocaine Blunts Interview with Jake One and Mike Clark

Click on the photo above for an interview with Jake One and Mike Clark (former host of Rap Attack on KCMU) courtesy of Cocaine Blunts. (Thanks to Andrew Matson, aka The Bulletproof Critic, for Tweeting this yesterday!)

UPDATE (9.24.09): And here’s part two of the interview.

1250 KFOX Facebook Page1250 KFOX was one of the earliest outlets for hip-hop music in Seattle. Click the logo above to open up the time capsule (you gotta have a Facebook account to view). Make sure to check out the very first link, “Emerald Street Boys Nasty Nes Intro” and peep the comments — hip-hop is a family affair for some artists.

Respect the foundation!

Interviews Views From the Peanut Gallery