VIDEO: “Tu Me Manques (a short film)” – Sax G (dir. by 10.4 Rog)

This short film, inspired by and featuring instrumentals from Sax G‘s Tu Me Manques, was conceived and directed by Roger Habon (aka 10.4 Rog). Per the Cloud Nice blog:

The story is told without words, the actors using only body language to convey powerful emotions. Takiyah Ward’s bold choreography contrasts delightfully with Sax G’s subtle expressions, invoking all-too-familiar feelings of love and distance.


DOWNLOAD: Pootey Brown Is… – Sax G

Click album cover to download.

Producer/MC and Cloud Nice team member Sax G has been dropping small hints recently — in the form of preview tracks — for his solo outing Pootey Brown Is… The full album is here now and you can download it for free, as is the general custom in underground/indie rap these days. It’s eight songs of spacious, blissed-out electronica that has no problem dipping into both rap and soul territory (with a lot of help from the CN crew). Something for those cool summer nights on the patio.

Stay safe, Seattle, and take care of each other for crying out loud.


DOWNLOAD: “No One” – Sax G (feat. Nacho Picasso) (prod. by Raised By Wolves)

Click image to D/L.

Sax G is the latest cat to emerge from the ubiquitous Cloud Nice crew. Watch for his forthcoming Pootey Brown is… to drop. In the meantime, check how he and fellow CN participant (and Pitchfork darling) Nacho Picasso get spaced-out and raunchy on this highly enjoyable one-off, produced by Raised By Wolves.