NEW MUSIC: “Lonewolf And Cub” – Lonewolf And Cub (prod. by Jazzper Hop)

Lonewolf And Cub - Lonewolf and Cub

Wu-Tang worship abounds on “Lonewolf And Cub,” the self-titled debut track from Tacoma via Tri-Cities representative Shao Sosa and his real-life kin Nobi. This is the first release in a series of joints by the father-son duo that will trace the lineage between Golden Era and modern-day hip-hop. We can dig it.


INTERVIEW: Razor Tongue Radio featuring 206UP.COM (Hey, that’s ME!)


I expose my deepest darkest secrets and most aspirational dreams with B-Dub and Shao Sosa, your loyal weekly purveyors of that good Pacific Northwest rap shit.

Really tho, thanks to Razor Tongue Radio for having me on. Never thought I’d be asked to give my opinions on Seattle rap in a radio interview format, but it was definitely a lot of fun. Stay up on RTR at their official (yet still under construction) website, here.

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VIDEO: “Kiss of the Dragon” – Shao Sosa (feat. Arjay)

Shao Sosa is a Vietnamese MC from the Tri-Cities and rather than attempt to plagiarize his lengthy biography, I’ll just link to it here for perusal at your own pace.

His new video for “Kiss of the Dragon” showed up in my inbox a couple days ago. It’s a surprisingly watchable and entertaining clip that attempts and succeeds at mashing-up video game and kung-fu kitsch. Delightfully low-budget and indulgent (the thing clocks in at over eight minutes long, at least three and a half of which are head-scratching credit sequences), there’s nary a discernible plot. That might, however, be the point.