READ THIS: Jay-Z Launches “Life + Times,” a Lifestyle Blog

Click image to view Life + Times.

Life + Times is a new lifestyle blog, curated supposedly by one Mr. Shawn Carter. Launched yesterday afternoon, it looks like the emcee might finally be taking a cue from 206UP.COM and expanding his presence into the World Wide Web. Go on young ‘un, someday all that hustle might just pay off.

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A Brief Word on BP3

The Blueprint 3 (Jay-Z) album coverGot a chance to finally listen to The Blueprint 3 on the train ride to work this morning.

Eh. It’s coo, but it’s not what I’m used to (which is superior dopeness from hip-hop’s Man In Black, Ess Dot Carter).

This review here sums up my feelings pretty well. Especially this:

On the shiny new CD from Jay-Z, a rapper almost universally heralded as the greatest MC of all-time, a lack of urgency keeps the product a significant distance from greatness.

Some tracks made me smile and think, “Jay-Z is killin’ it here,” but most had me yawning and fiddling with the scroll wheel on my iPod like, “Where’s my copy of The Unplanned Mixtape? I swear it’s on here somewhere…”

The first Blueprint is a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr. #1; Blueprint 3 is the ’89 Fleer #548 — you weren’t sad to pull it out of the pack, but it didn’t make you lose your sh*t like the UD1.

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