VIDEO: “Tomorrow” – Sol (feat. Shayhan; dir. by Jon Jon Augustavo)

Today has been a good day for Town music videos with emotive, well-developed narratives. Check below or here for the latest from Grieves (“Shreds”); and up at the moment is Sol’s “Tomorrow” (directed by Grammy nominee Jon Jon Augustavo) which follows a day in the lives of Sol and his crew of childhood friends. It’s something a little warm and fuzzy for this cold February afternoon.


NEW MUSIC: “Tomorrow” – Sol (feat. Shayhan; prod. by Elan Wright)

Sol - Eyes Open Cover

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Sol let fly the second single from his upcoming don’t-call-it-a-comeback album, Eyes Open, set for release September 10 (click here or on the photo above to pre-order the EP on iTunes). “Tomorrow” features Shayhan and was produced by Zilla teammate Elan Wright. Sol spent a few minutes answering206UP’s THE SIX last week, click here to read the interview.