VIDEO: “Hash Muffins” – Sam Lachow (feat. Sky Blaow & Ryan Campbell)

Young cats love hot girls that play video games and blow trees. Man, I’m off that. Non-profit, post-colonial literary geeks are my grown-man BI. I kid, though, there’s always room for the juvenile. Sam Lachow’s “Hash Muffins” clip is weed rap playfully sex-ified.

What I want to know is how does Detooz Films manage to get around so much these days? Oh, right, human cloning.


VIDEO & DOWNLOAD: “Gary Payton” – Sam Lachow (feat. Sky Blaow & B Skeez)

Seattle and New York affiliate Sam Lachow’s recent video and single, “Gary Payton,” isn’t exactly an adequate representation of the rest of the music on the do-everything MC/producer/director’s debut album, Brand New Bike (available now on iTunes). That’s a shame, because the somewhat amusing but mostly inane frat boy rap of “Gary Payton” might turn some heads off before giving the rest of the LP a fair shake. Don’t let the Asher Roth-lite stylings of the video turn you away.

Brand New Bike is a lighthearted, breezy ode to weed, summertime leisure, and the DIY rap lifestyle. It’s impressively capable, especially the production which features live instrumentation and a refreshing simplicity that never over-complicates matters. As for the artist, Sam Lachow will never be a threat to immobilize a competing MC (his delivery is like a more robust version of State Of The Artist’s Hyphen8d), but what he lacks in God-given aesthetic, he counters with a quick wit and above-average technical skill. BNB might just suit your needs for that Saturday night deck party, an event Lachow would be happy to crash.

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