VIDEO: “Boobiewhos” – Th3rdz (feat. Sonny Bonoho)

Fucking slaps and riotous laughs in this clip by Th3rdz. Candidt is a special fool for this one. For your reference:


[boo b whos] Show IPA noun, verb, bobbiewhoing.  
1. A person who plays you small until you blow up.
2. Catcher of the vapors.
3. Shallow person.
4. Bandwagoner.
5. Snake in the basket awaiting charming.


VIDEO: “I Know” – Sonny Bonoho (feat. Playboy Tre)

Sonny admits all of his faults on “I Know,” the latest track to get the video treatment from last year’s Phonephreak, the abbreviated version of which you can download for free at this location. His Atlanta homie Playboy Tre on the guest bars and Chris Le behind the lens.

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DOWNLOAD: Jermaine EP – Sonny Bonoho

Click album cover to D/L.

The Jermaine EP is the latest from Sonny Bonoho (released via Four tracks (plus one skit) of goodness from The Town’s reigning clown prince. Unyielding positivity and a healthy sense of self-deprecating humor have always been Sonny’s strong points. Just check the over-the-top video for “Grand Daaam!” (feat. Bizarre of D12) for a dose.


NEW MUSIC: “Super Cool” – Sonny Bonoho (feat. Playboy Tre & Rudi Deville)

Hurricane Irene came and went with nary a disruption in this blogger’s life. Well, if you don’t count being unable to leave the house for about 24 hours a disruption. In any case, New Yorkers persevered as usual.

Now back to regularly scheduled programming: new music from Sonny Bonoho featuring Playboy Tre and Rudi Deville. “Super Cool” (produced by Trox) is the most recent drop from Sonny’s next album, the Jermaine EP.

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DOWNLOAD: Phonephreak EP – Sonny Bonoho

A (#LatePass) New Year’s gift from the wily Sonny Bonoho. Hit the linked image above for a pared-down version of Sonny’s 2010 LP, Phonephreak. Click here to read what I had to say about it back in April on SSG Music. And if you missed the hyper-creative video for “Zig Zag” (feat. Money B [!!!]), peep that below.

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VIDEO: “Zig Zag” (Sonny Bonoho)

Sonny Bonoho is one craaazy cat! This clip has a Spike Jonze-ish feel. It also looks like some twelve year-old’s crazy art project threw-up in a double-wide trailer. Whatever. All I know is that the world needs more Money B and MORE ASIAN RAPPERS! Word.