NEW MUSIC: “Ricochet” – Nissim (formerly D. Black)

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The artist formerly known as “D. Black” is reborn as Nissim. His new team, OEMCo, is out to spread positivity and patience with a spiritual bent. Their first effort is “Ricochet.” Peep Black’s new game below.

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NEW MUSIC: “The Flyest” – Spac3man (prod. by DJ Phinisey)

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Sportn’ Life Records continues its run of drops in celebration of their 10-year anniversary. Here, Spac3man hops on a DJ Phinisey beat for “The Flyest.” Brag rap shit (ho-hum). Listen / download below. While you’re at it, make sure to check out Phinisey’s solo LP too.

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NEW MUSIC: “Tell Me” – Nissim, Fatal Lucciauno, Spac3man, & Larry Hawkins (prod. by Vitamin D)

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A couple of big things are happening in the Sportn’ Life camp in the coming months. First off, the label celebrates its first decade in business with a blowout party at Barboza on November 21 (check for more details here). Secondly, you knew D. Black couldn’t stay away for long didn’t you? Real MCs gotta spit, it’s the laws of physics, and the man formerly known as Black has an eight-song EP in the works for a February 2013 release. Catch him as Nissim on this new joint, “Tell Me”, and the upcoming album, My Life My Love.

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VIDEO: “Big Bro” – Fatal Lucciauno

I love the slow crawling menace of this track (those heavy keys and stabbing synth are courtesy of producer Kuddie Fresh). Is Respect the best Seattle hip-hop album of the year thus far? The answer’s “Yes” for my money.


DOWNLOAD: Dimensions – Fly Moon Royalty

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Funk, hip-hop, soul and do-everything duo Fly Moon Royalty released this free EP yesterday. Dimensions is five tracks long and spins you through the, well, dimensions of everything stellar about the Sportn’ Life duo. Grab it above and below.


DOWNLOAD: The Only Forgotten Son – Fatal Lucciauno

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Goods news for fans of Sportn’ Life lead dog Fatal Lucciauno: his 2007 SnL debut, The Only Forgotten Son, is available free of monetary encumbrances for a short five days only. Click here, above or below to grab it now. And go here to read what 206UP.COM had to say about his recent album, Respect.


NEW MUSIC: Respect – Fatal Lucciauno

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Fatal Lucciauno dropped his sophomore full-length, Respect, yesterday via Sportn’ Life Records. I won’t say much here since a full album review by me is coming soon (via Potholes In My Blog), except that this record is vastly different than what most fans of Seattle rap are used to. It’s underground as hell, but not in the skater/backpacker aesthetic that most hip-hop in the city trends toward.

Fatal’s is a perspective that Seattle likes to pretend doesn’t exist, the pathos of a man familiar to most through fictionalized accounts on HBO and sensationalized blather on the local news. Respect is realer, rawer and more vital than the status quo this city tries so hard to maintain. There’s dirt in your own backyard, Seattle. Shit that no amount of new food co-ops or neighborhood clean-up days can wipe clean.