DOWNLOAD: Adventures in a Helluvastate – Thadwick Tristen Trevor III & Swan Coltrane

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Here we go rap fans! Thadwick Tristen Trevor III and Swan Coltrane present Adventures in a Helluvastate, a full-length collaborative endeavor between members of the Cloud Nice and Members Only cliques that feels as natural to the dome as caffeine buzzes and misty Puget Sound air.

From the group’s press release:

Seattle emcees Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (bka Young TH of State of the Artist) and Swan Coltrane (bka Tay Sean of Helladope) release Adventures in a Helluvastate, a starkly simplistic approach to hip-hop – two emcees rapping over beats – that comes off as oddly organic, stemming from spur-of-the-moment recording sessions in the Cloud Nice basement.

The duo isn’t apprehensive about their word choice or song structure. The thoughts flow freely from each artist’s brain to the booth with little filtration. Swan casually croons the chorus on “Star Stuff”: We tryna reach the stars so let us grow/ Not so much the body as the soul/ Don’t even think about it we just go

The beats pulsate and morph, experimental and ever-changing, lent from a host of producers worldwide, only a few borrowed from in-house producers Tay Sean, Mikey Nice, and Seven Davis, Jr.


DOWNLOAD: “Brain Champagne” – Helluvastate

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“Brain Champagne” is the second chemical reaction derived from the most talented elements in Helladope and State Of The Artist. Swan Coltrane and Thadwick Tristen Trevor III (alternately known as Tay Sean and Young TH) have concocted a hazy club joint that borrows the tightly-wound kicks from Illmatic‘s “The Genesis” to great get-buck effect. This track right here bumps for two solid minutes and then leaves your blunted ass grasping for more. Adventures in a Helluvastate is the re-up, dropping soon.