206UP.COM’s The TrackMeet (1.28.11)

You know what it is. Click. Listen. Vote. Easy.

Congratulations to last week’s TrackMeet winner, A Day And A Wakeup, with their track “Lock It Down, Sew it Up.” The voting process was a tad dubious to say the least. If this were 2000, cats might be suing for fraud. (“Hanging Cookies,” anyone?) Oh well, all’s fair in love and hip-hop, right?

This week’s distinguished candidates:

LANE 1: “Last MC” – Swift Tongues f/Mind Block

Press Play to listen to “Last MC” by Swift Tongues feat. Mind Block. Here’s the D/L.

LANE 2: “What Do You Do?” – Spekulation f/Michele Khazak

Press Play to listen to “What Do You Do?” by Spekulation f/Michele Khazak. Click here to get Spekulation’s free EP, The Depression Era.

LANE 3: “Got It Like That” – 88.206 f/JDiGs

Press Play to hear “Got It Like That” by 88.206 f/JDiGs. Click here to download 88’s Young Hearts: The Lifestyle mixtape.

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