NEW MUSIC: Smoke Break: The Hits You Missed Anthology – Rebel

Smoke Break The Hits You Missed Anthology - Malcolm Rebel

Malcolm Rebel, legitimate relation to one Mr. Vitamin D, posted this collection of tracks released throughout 2013 to his SoundCloud recently. This is a precursor to the rapper’s Swisher Nights 2, the sequel to the immensely satisfying (and overlooked, IMO) Swisher Nights (grab that here).


NEW MUSIC: “Safeco” – Rebel (prod. by Drew Beats)

Click image to get it.

Click image to get it.

About a year ago Rebel released his five-piece, Swisher Nights, which featured the hardcore tracks of one Vitamin D. It’s been a minute since Reb’s been on the scene but dude recently posted “Safeco,” a hazy one-off produced by Drew Beats. Good to hear this guy again.

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DOWNLOAD: Swisher Nights – Rebel (prod. by Vitamin D)

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Vitamin D makes harder beats than anyone in the SEA, that’s just a fact. Up-and-coming MC Rebel nabs five of ’em here, the highlight of which is “Light Up (Shit You Like)” featuring Cole of Brothers From Another (who also show up in unison on “Outta Yo Mind”) and Antbeezy (delivering a rewind-worthy double-time verse). Aside from his tight-knit connection to Vita, Rebel has a lot going for him including a diverse flow and above-average technical skills. Definitely worth keeping your ears open for.