DOWNLOAD: Sleep Deprivation Mixtape – Second Family

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The South Sound has been buzzing about this mixtape since May so #LatePass on this one. Second Family is the Tac-Town duo of Element and NoQuezt. Their deliveries exist at opposite ends of the spectrum. Element brings a gruff hardrock flow (something like a Pacific Northwest version of Bun B) and NoQuezt has a raspy, high-pitched smoker’s intonation. Streets are the subject matter, typical to a lot of 253 sh-t these days, but what sets the men of Second Family apart are their MC skills, which are far and away better than most of their peers.


253 Rocks Well

Earlier in the year, Rockwell Powers and producer Ill Pill dropped, Kids in The Back, an album that will probably end up being the best release out of Tacoma in 2009. It’s a surprisingly polished and confident piece of underground hip-hop that deserves more burn than it’s gotten.

Now, Rockwell has released another collaborative effort, the Pocket Full of Stones EP, produced by Mat Wisner of the Viper Creek Club collective. Pocket is an eclectic exploration of hip-hop’s recent trend toward electronic and dance music; an updated version of disco for the 21st century. P Smoov is doing it locally. Kanye is doing it nationally. Some of it hits, some of it misses. Count Pocket Full of Stones as one that hits the mark, most of the time.

It’s available for free download. Click the album cover below for the link.

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