DOWNLOAD: “Therapy” – Th3rd (prod. by 10.4 Rog)

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Everything about this track pops. From 10.4 Rog’s piercing snaps and hand claps, to the spirited verses from Th3rd’s all-star roster (if you don’t know by now you better do your homework, dunny). This joint is about H.E.R. love and it sounds like Summertime.

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VIDEO: “Th3rd” – Th3rd

Remember that formula you learned in algebra whereby you could derive the total number of combinations possible from any given number of unique components? Yeah, I don’t remember that sh-t either. I bet the number would be high for the Oldominion collective, though. Here’s one of the possibilities: JFK + Candidt + Xperience = Th3rd. Supergroup alert!

(Spotted at Raindrop.)