AUDIO: Mostly People – The Bad Tenants

The Bad Tenants - Mostly People

Good humored, good natured and always down to have a good time (especially in their live presentation), the Bad Tenants have a fresh new EP called Mostly Human, produced entirely by IG88. Mixing live instrumentation with deft rap breaks and scratches, the record takes itself seriously as a piece of music but with a self-deprecating wink and a smile.

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NEW MUSIC: “Paper Mache” – Theoretics (feat. The Bad Tenants)

Theoretics - Paper Mache

Theoretics with their latest One A Month drop, “Paper Mache” featuring The Bad Tenants. We’re a little late on this — it arrived as a Halloween eve loosie — but the playful, Scooby Doo-scarehouse vibe is still applicable as we enter the darker (and colder) first week of November.

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VIDEO: “Paint By Numbers” – The Bad Tenants (feat. Courtney Crooks)

Check the latest video from Bellingham/Seattle unit The Bad Tenants. “Paint By Numbers” is like a boom-bap fever dream. Congratulations to the crew on their nomination for an Independent Music Award for Eloquent Scoundrels Vol. 2.


VIDEO: “Not Quite Perfec” – The Bad Tenants

Bellingham x Seattle hip hop band The Bad Tenants dropped a new video yesterday. “Not Quite Perfec” was directed by Knapp Bros. Studios and the track was produced by IG88. Shout-out to group member Casey G for sending me the video. And catch his group live at Nectar on January 4.


VIDEO: “The Rundown” – The Bad Tenants (dir. by Detooz Films)

The Bad Tenants are “what happens when hip-hop and blues get drunk … and make a baby”, according to the trio’s Facebook page. The crew originated in Bellingham and now do their dirt in Seattle. “The Rundown” is an example of either rap-rock fusion in harmoniously discordant consensus, or yet another bad piece of genre mish-mash suffering arrested development, depending on your point of view. File this one under “acquired taste.”

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