VIDEO: “Lights” – Nottus Tre (feat. Fatal Lucciauno)

West Seattleite Nottus Tre’s flow is a slow burn. His The Methadone Musical doesn’t wreck your senses at first listen. Its effect grabs you more like a slowly turning vice grip; the python of recent Seattle hip hop records. “Lights” (featuring Sportn’ Life’s Fatal Lucciauno) is the rapper’s latest video.


NEW MUSIC: The Methadone Musical – Nottus Tre

Nottus Tre - The Methadone Musical

Nottus Tre is all rugged nonchalance. “Street rap” (quotations mine) from the west side of the West Seattle Bridge. This young rapper won’t win any awards for cordiality but his Methadone Musical surely isn’t about that. Rather it’s “the life” that gets attended to: his paper, his people, his girl (er, make that your girl), and fuck boys are of primary concern. Alki Beach is surely picturesque but who said it was always pretty? Smoke DZA, Fatal Lucciauno and Glasses Malone lend like-minded perspective on TMM.

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