NEW MUSIC: “The Mezzanine (P Smoov Remix)” – Kingdom Crumbs

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Kingdom Crumbs (Cloud Nice’s Tay Sean, Jarv Dee, Mikey Nice, and Jerm) are creators of the best Seattle rap album of 2012, at least in this blogger’s humble opinion. Make sure to download the crew’s swagged-out, heady self-titled debut, here.

New today is this remix of Kingdom’s “The Mezzanine,” treated with due respect by one half of Fresh Espresso, P Smoov. The two groups will be performing at the same City Arts Fest show at Neumos on 10/19. Go here to check the science.

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DOWNLOAD: “The Mezzanine” – Kingdom Crumbs

Click image to download.

The mezzanine is that particular level in shops reserved for accoutrements and peculiarities that often defy categorization within the context of everything else in the store. Existing somewhere above the bottom but below the uppermost, sometimes the vantage point from the mezzanine is better than anywhere else in the venue. Kingdom Crumbs chills on the mezzanine. No surprise there. Peep their Kickstarter game, here.