VIDEO: “Hearin’ Nothin'” – Mackned (dir. by Will Hoopes)

The most buzzed about local crew in recent weeks is the Seattle and LA-based Thraxxhouse collective — though they don’t like to be referred to in that way. Co-ringleader Mackned has a new record called Female making the rounds on your favorite music sites and “Hearin’ Nothin'” is from that. Video directed by Will Hoopes and track by Tommy Kruise. Thraxxhouse had an epic (by many accounts) show at the Crocodile earlier this month. Check out the photo set from that evening here.

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AUDIO: Under The Sea – Keyboard Kid

Keyboard Kid - Under The Sea

The Thraxxhouse collective finished off 2014 with a roundhouse of dank, nocturnal uppercuts. Listening to these releases feels like being gently knocked in the head by a brick wrapped in hot wet towels and fragrant lemon peels. Check the turnt somnambulance of Keyboard Kid’s Under The Sea.

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AUDIO: Gimmie – BB Sun

BB Sun - Gimmie

“Oh shit, it’s BB Sun. He kinda looks like God.” The Thraxxhouse teammate stews the clique’s stoner pot with a singular type of understated humor and swag. Gimmie is full of shrouded threats that lull you to within an inch of sleep, but then, with just the slightest pinprick, keep you hovering above slumber so there’s just enough time to see BB Sun slip out the window with all your stuff, laughing the entire time.

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AUDIO: Indiana Facers – Key Nyata & Mackned

Key Nyata & Mackned - Indiana Facers

The Thraxxhouse collective bum rushed the end of 2014 with a grip of new releases. None better, however, than Indiana Facers, the murky, beautiful drone of a horror show by de facto team leaders Key Nyata and Mackned.

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VIDEO: “Take Ur Stuff” – BB Sun (dir. by Terry’s Tacos)

In which Thraxxhouse teammate BB Sun (almost) asks nicely for all the stuff he’s robbing you of. His crew is 26 members deep and bringing a glorious darkness to their new Southern California environs. Get hip before the “cool kids” do. Watch for BB’s God’s Twin Brother coming this month.


NEW MUSIC: Critical Trap – Mackned

Mackned - Critical Trap

The Thraxxhouse movement, collective — whatever you want to call it — continues to sprout limbs all up and down the West Coast. Mackned (formerly of another active local crew, the Moor Gang) is a key player, and here he is again with a dark, creeping and turnt effort, Critical Trap: Evil Ned Edition.

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