206UP.COM YEAR END: The Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013 – The Top 10


Today concludes 206UP’s Year End feature on the Best Seattle Hip Hop Albums of 2013. Below the jump you’ll find the blog’s Top 10 Albums of the Year (including a master list of all the albums considered at the very bottom of the post). Click on the album artwork or artist-titles for links to download or purchase.

Thanks so much for checking out the site! In 2014 there are some new features and — hopefully — big surprises to come, so keep visiting 206UP.COM throughout the New Year.

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NEW MUSIC: Adding to the Extra – RA Scion & Todd Sykes

Click album cover to purchase.

Click album cover to purchase.

RA Scion and Todd Sykes ensure the grand tradition of sample-based boom-bap stays alive in a synth and EDM dominated landscape. Adding to the Extra is an example of hip-hop convention done right: Sykes chops up loops and layers drums like a master lasagna chef (mmm, lasagna) and RA adds his trademark lyrical density about the proletariat class. This is music for the communal masses to carry around in their backpacks.


VIDEO: “Guttersnipe Bridge” – RA Scion (prod. by Todd Sykes; dir. by Garrett Gibbons)

RA Scion, the most professorial MC in Town, has a new full-length coming out soon called Adding to the Extra (March 19). It’s produced entirely by City Hall’s Todd Sykes and is a sample-based, boom-bap affair that trends toward ’90s traditionalism (Golden Era enthusiasm?). “Guttersnipe Bridge” is the first video from the new shit.


DOWNLOAD: “Milk On Wax” (Todd Sykes & EvergreenOne)

Todd Sykes and EvergreenOne strike me as dudes who would be just as content freestyling over Pharcyde instrumentals in the back of a broken-down tour van, as they would rocking a stage in front of a couple hundred college kids in McMinnville, Oregon. Okay, maybe not just as content, but throw some quality greenery in the back of said van and it would be close.

Still, to discount the Tacoma emcees simply as two blunted-ass slacker kids with a knack for clever rhymer-y would be selling them short. Check out their refreshingly fresh LP, Milk On Wax, available for the price of nothing, here. The three-song sequence “City Hall,” “90’s Shit” and “For Real” had me nodding my head in unashamed approval in a car full of NYC subway commuters today. “2-5-3 does hip-hop too, ya know!” I wanted to exclaim.

And the video for “90’s Shit”:


SHOW (& TICKET GIVEAWAY!): Tanya Morgan (Feat. Def Dee & Language Arts, City Hall) @ Columbia City Theater, Sat 8.28

Plan your Saturday evening around this outstanding lineup, and enter to win a pair of tickets from 206UP.COM and the good folks at Columbia City Theater! It’s easy: just send your boy (that’s me) an email with “Tanya Morgan Giveaway” in the subject line to 206upblog@gmail.com, or hit me up on Twitter with the same. I’ll throw your name in a hat and pick a winner at random no later than Friday (8/27) at 5 pm PST. Now, peep the flyer and read what I have to say about Tanya Morgan!

Tanya Morgan is a rap group. And, atypical name aside, they might just sound like the closest thing hip-hop has nowadays to A Tribe Called Quest. You might cry “Blasphemy!” and you’d probably be right, but it doesn’t change the fact that TM’s stellar 2009 LP, Brooklynati, captures the spirit of Quest in their heyday.

Judge for yourself this Saturday (8/28) at Columbia City Theater. Joining TM will be local crews Def Dee and Language Arts (originators of what 206UP.COM still thinks is the best Seattle hip-hop album of 2010, Gravity), and City Hall (a South Sound crew composed of EvergreenOne, Todd Sykes and DJ Slimrock). The whole party-rocking affair will be hosted by Prometheus Brown and feature a DJ set by Town stalwart Larry Mizell, Jr. Enter to win tickets on 206UP.COM or go cop ’em, here, then thank the loyal folks at Member’s Only for putting on what might be the best night of your life.

Here’s the video for “So Damn Down,” off Brooklynati:

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