PODCAST: Do The Math – Deven Morgan

Do The Math

I’ve sung the praises before of the Do The Math Podcast, created by Town hip-hop head Deven Morgan, but thought it deserved another shout-out here in preface of Deven’s AMA appearance on the Hip-Hop Heads Northwest Reddit page coming up this Sunday, November 9. Make sure to check in over there and ask the man some thought-provoking questions. And in case you missed it, 206UP did our own AMA back on October 26. Below is the most recent episode of Do The Math, featuring Samson S of Tribal Productions. Get learned, family.


DOWNLOAD: Freestyle Demo Tape – Tribal Productions

Click album cover to download.

Click album cover to download.

This post simply echoes Larry Mizell’s Stranger missive from last Friday.

Tribal Productions was a collective of immensely talented/influential hip-hop artists active in the Puget Sound throughout the mid-90s. I was neither present nor learned on the scene’s happenings at that time, so I leave it to the authoritative voices of Deven Morgan and Jack Devo — two precious resources for telling what Seattle rap life was like before the teeny-boppers started caring — to drop knowledge.

I don’t know much, but I do know this: If you care to think of yourself as a Seattle hip-hop head, it’s best not to believe that this shit begins and ends with “Thrift Shop.”

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